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Theaker's Quarterly Fiction

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Theaker's Quarterly & Paperbacks

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A picture of the editor, created on the Xbox 360Theaker's Quarterly Fiction publishes fantasy, science fiction and horror. It was launched in 2004 with the goal of encouraging me to do a bit of writing every few months. I love to write, and, though I can knock out a short novel in a week or two, Fanthorpe-style, Badger Books aren't around to publish them, and no one else would want to. So the title was intended to be literal this was to be a quarterly magazine of my fiction. But as time has gone on I've received more and more submissions by other hands, and the magazine has edged towards respectability (though it still has a long way to go).

The format was initially modelled after that of the Medico-Legal Journal, while another direct inspiration was McSweeney's Mammoth Treasury of Thrilling Tales. Like those esteemed publications, TQF is designed to be a substantial, hearty read. The ideal complement to the TQF reading experience is a cup of hot, sweet tea and a packet of Hobnobs. If you are a writer or artist, we have submission guidelines.

Print copies of all issues are available from our Lulu Store, the earlier issues as part of the bound volumes, which are exceptionally good value, especially when compared to the unreasonably high price of the individual issues.

More recent issues are also available from Feedbooks for free download in various formats to read on your Kindle, Sony Reader, iLiad, etc, and even in a simplified pdf that might be handy for anyone reading the issue onscreen.

Theaker's Quarterly Fiction uses lots of cool Blambot fonts, which are free for non-profit use and use in independent comics!